Gungul Bush Camp, Kakadu

After the 3 nights at Aurora we moved on to Gungul bush camp. It is on the other side of the park. The campgrounds that are in the middle of Kakadu were $30 a night. For that price you received toilets and cold showers. We thought that was over priced. As Gungul was almost out of the park it was half the price. We just didn’t get the showers. If I am paying the extra $15 a night I would hope to at least get hot showers. I though the pricing for Kakadu was over the top. For $20 a night at Aurora you get everything for $30 at Kakadu you get almost nothing.gun-a

At Gungul there is a short walk to the river. There was a sign warning us about crocs in the area. Keeping our eyes peeled we walked up over a small hill to look at a dry creek bed. No water and no crocs. We continued across to the bank on the other side. Up and over the bank we found a small creek flowing. Well that was a disappointment. As we turned to leave I spotted a fishing lure. I remarked to Adrian that it seemed like someone had been fishing here as the lure had been snagged on a branch. Adrian took a step forward and bent to pick up the lure when his foot went down and down. I tried not to laugh at him as he stood almost waist deep in mucky water. As he climbed out of the water he tossed the lure away saying, “It is useless. It is rusted”. Oh poor Adrian he took a dunking for nothing.

On our way back to the van I though I saw a Kookaburra. Every time I tried to get closer to it to have a better look it moved on. The ones in WA are a different colour and to start with I wasn’t sure it was a kookaburra until I saw my photos later.

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