Anbangbang Gallery, Kakadu

We took a walk to the Anbangbang Gallery. It is a little like Ubirr with rock art but at Anbangbang was a bit more walking to do. The view was spectacular.

Rock art passes on information. At Anbangbang some of the artwork tells the story of Nammarrgon, the Lightning Man. He is responsible for the electrical storms, which are common in the area. Barrginj has also been painted. She is Namarrgon’s wife. There is also a painting of Nabulwinjbulwinj, who is a bad spirit. He was known to eat women. Other artworks are everyday items like dancing and hunting or fishing with painting of the local fish or animals.

Some of the painting jumped of the rock, others you needed to use your imagination.

It was a lovely walk though the rugged country to see the art. This time there was no young boy to break the serenity.

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