Longreach Water Hole, (Again)

We stopped at Longreach water hole again. This time we turned right instead of left when we hit the water. Good choice. There are fewer trees along the way so this time there was no damage to the van. Most of the pelicans seemed to have gone. Only about 30 to 50 had stayed, nothing like the 300 to 500 that were here for our first visit. They didn’t seem to fish the same way either. Instead they seem to want to steal the fish from the other birds. It was fun to watch the pelicans chase after a bird that as just caught a fish. Often the bird would duck dive and get away.


The first night was quiet. The next day a couple arrived in a motor home with a big dog. The dog was the same type as in the move Turner and Hooch. We went to say hi. That was the start of a beautiful friendship. Otto and Adrian went boating. Otto and Adrian went red claw fishing. Otto and Adrian went mussels gathering. Otto and Adrian went wood collecting. Otto and Adrian lit the fire. (Don’t ask me what the little bird was doing sitting on the pole. It would have been warm.)

The men built the fire and the woman made dinner. We cooked up the mussels on the first night, (to be honest I just sat there and Laura did all the cooking.) The mussels were a little tough but still yummy. There was some left over for the next night, not enough for a whole meal but enough for an entree. We both added item to the table (again Laura did most of the work. In my defense there is not a lot of room in a van so I couldn’t help. J) It was nice to sit with other people for a meal and relax. It is hard to explain but it makes the connection different, stronger. It is so different to happy hour.

Then after a 3 course meal we sat around the fire and drank port watching the sun set. Sometimes life it hard, this was defiantly not one of those time. Even Lola the dog agreed. She put herself to bed and slept easy at night, yes she did snore.

Longreach water hole never disappoints in the sunset department. It was so different every night. Such colours I have never seen anywhere else. Totally amazing.

It was sad to see Otto and Laura and of course Lola leave. We never head her bark at night once. She was really sweet.  Before it crossed Adrian’s mind I told him he wasn’t allowed to get a dog.

We had another 2 nights to ourselves. We found a fire pit that someone had left. Bonus or so we thought. The first night we lit the fire we found out why they left it. The gaps between the sides are too wide and fire was falling out. It set the grass on fire around the base and Adrian had to run to get some water to put it out before it took off and burnt everything. Only because we put the grass fire out that we could laugh about it latter.

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