Mount Isa

Although it was only 188 k to Mount Isa we cut the journey in half by stopping at a bush camp about halfway. The people we met at Camooweal stopped by on their way back to Mount Isa and invited us out to dinner. We talked about staying at the bush camp for another night or traveling to Mount Isa for a night. Mount Isa won out, as it would give us a chance to go out to dinner and for me, a chance to do some washing. 

I was expecting a town similar to Kalgoolie but Mount Isa seem newer, more welcoming. Kalgoorlie seemed to be dryer and duster and Mount Isa cleaner and alive. Both have the mine as part of the town. In Mount Isa people smiled at us as they past you on the streets and the shop assistants seemed to be happy at work. It had that lovely country feel to it.

We booked into a van park, put the first load of washing on then set of to explore. My only complaint about the town is we went to look at the underground hospital and it was closed. Unfortunately like a lot of smaller town, tours attractions are often run with volunteers and it isn’t always easy to get people. May be next time we will be right and the hospital will be open. We took the drive up to the lookout to look over the mine. Loved the signpost but it did made me think of home and all my family and how much we miss everyone.

We went out to dinner with the gang to the local pub. We all ordered the steak, for just over $15 each you can’t go wrong. Well maybe. First bite. No you can’t go wrong at that price, it was lovely and tender.

Sue and Russell invited everyone back to their place for coffee. (Marilyn and Bob had park up in Sue and Russell’s yard so they had to go back.) The house is at the bottom of the hill that is the lookout. Everyone insisted we go have a look at the mine at night. The mine, which works 24 hours a day, was all lit up.

I didn’t have a tripod with me so my photos are a little blurry but I am sure you get the idea. The view was astounding by night, so much more depth in it than by day. We joined the others and the time ticked by. It was almost midnight before we left.   What a great way to end the day. We had been told we would meet great people when you are on the road and you sure do.

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