We had been told don’t bother going to Karumba unless you fish. It is the only thing to do there. When we booked into the van park we should have known everyone was right.

We booked in for 2 days. We were lead to our spot by the park manager. After all we were VIP’s (“visitors in park” and may get lost.) He directed us into our spot, giving Adrian instruction on where and how to park. When he was happy he left with a smile. We had a look at where we were and then re-backed the van until we were happy. He meant well.

The town is lovely but fishing is the only thing to do. If you were happy not sight seeing, this is the town for you. You can sit back and relax. We did try to do the tourist thing and drove around town. We ended up at the meat works. There was an information board with a brief history, of meat works, which is now a seafood factory. Ok that didn’t interest me. While we were at the meat works we discovered the singing railing. That wasn’t on the list of thing to see. It looked very new so maybe that is why. The railing vibrated with the wind giving of a melody. The pitch changed with the different flow of the wind. There wasn’t that much wind yet it still made the rail sing. This I found interesting. (I know I am a bit strange some times.)

The beach was different from what I am used to. I am not used to seeing a warning sign on our beaches for crocs. Sharks, stingers, rips yes but crocs no. Plus I am used to lovely sandy beaches.   Not that it was a bad beach just not the best I have seen.

Like Esperance. karum-20

As we don’t fish, one day would have been enough to see this lovely little village. The first night we had fish and chips from the local chippie (who is suppose to be the best chippie in Queensland.) Fresh fish right from the ocean, so good. On the second night we went to the Sunset Tavern. We were told we had to go there to watch the sunset over the ocean. Unfortunately there were a lot of clouds so the incredible sunset we were promised didn’t happen. It was a bit disappointing but coming from WA where we have great sunsets over the water all the time, it was no big deal. karum-10

After we had eaten we started to notice the little hermit crabs scurrying everywhere. They were so quick for something so small.

The wind had picked up the next morning and fearing a storm was on its way we packed up and was ready to be on our way by 7.30am. Total shock to the system, we haven’t been up or away so early since the Nullarbor.


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