Blackbull Siding

To continue on we had to travel back to Normanton then turn left. The idea was to say another night in the town but as we had left so early it was only mid morning when we arrived back to Normanton. The idea of sitting around the van for most of the day didn’t appeal to us, (we had seen all the sites) so we continued on.

We stopped about 80 k down the road at Blackbull siding for morning tea. This is where the Normanton to Croydon train stops to let the day trippers catch the bus back to Normanton. The siding didn’t look like much. An old shed a lean too with tables and chairs and some facilities. We ventured into the shed to discover some information boards on the history of the line.

The 160 k line leaving Normanton to Croydon was divided up into 3 stages.

* to Haydon on 7 May 1889

* to Blackbull on 15 December 1890

* to Croydon on 20 July 1891

It was the first time revolutionary steel sleepers were used instead of the commonly used wooden once. They proved their worth in defeating against white ants. The flat ground between Normanton and Croydon was the ideal place to test the new idea as it often flooded and was a prime breading ground for the hungry ants.

The sign on the top of the door made me laugh. I am sure it would have reflected the times. There wouldn’t have been many signal women in the area in the 1890s.


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