Cumberland Chimney and Dam

Cumberland used to be a mine with a town for the workers. Now the only thing left of the largest and most successful mine in the area is the chimney and dam. (The chimney dispersed the smoke from the engines that crushed the ore.)


We were surprised to find the bush camp at the dam was almost empty. It is a lovely little spot. It is a nice story as when the mining moved out, the bird life moved in. The dam is set up well; there is a shelter over a viewing platform, which has a set of binoculars overlooking the dam. There are several information boards scatted around the viewing platform letting you know which birds you may see. While we were there a man came with a lens on his camera almost as big as he was tall. We stay clear of those people now. We have been caught with long conversations about cameras and lenses and how to take the perfect shot while you are lying on your stomach etc. I guess it is good too have a hobby you are passionate about.

We took a walk around the dam as the sun was setting. So peaceful.


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