Markets, Mission Beach

Next to the van park was a park area. Every second Sunday they had markets. I love a good market. Even though Adrian was still having problems with his back he hobbled along for a quick look. The markets were bigger than I was expecting, especially considering how small Mission Beach is.

We wandered through looking at the different stalls. I was sure there was something there that I just couldn’t live without but I was wrong, much to Adrian’s surprise and delight. We settled for a sugar drink instead. I hadn’t seen the machines before. The woman took the sugar cane and the machine crushed it letting all the juice out. She then added crushed mint and ice to it to the juice. You could add other items like tumeric or ginger. We chose to add ginger. Boy what a hit. I think I was buzzing from a sugar high for most of the day.

Another thing I hadn’t seen before was the twisted potato. I watched them for a moment. It looked like a lot less work than making chips. Who would have thought that a twisted potato could be so successful? The little stall seemed to have a good thing going.

It was a great way to spend the morning for me. Adrian hobbled back to the van still in pain and I walked down to the beach. There was a lone sailboat. I watched them set sail marveling at how quick and easy it all seemed. It almost made me go get our canoe. The long drag down to the beach put me off. Ok it was only about 100 m but for me that is a long way to drag a canoe. By the time I got it in the water I would have lost the desire to paddle so the canoe stayed where it was. Amazing view.


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