Murdering Point, Mission Beach

We left poor Adrian back at the van (again) and took a tour to Murdering Point winery.  The area has an interesting history, as the local aboriginal tribe was cannibals. Besides eating their own kind they would also eat any castaways they found and shipwrecks were common along the treacherous coastline. It was from one such boat the “Riser” which was wrecked on the King Reef in 1878 that the name for the area came from. The story goes that two crewmembers survived their wrecked ship and made it to land only to be captured by the local tribe. Troopers (local police) went looking for the survivors. The troopers found the dingy and compass along with other items from the boat scattered around. They then found two burned and partially consumed bodies at a nearby vacant camp. The troopers tracked the tribe to another camp arriving at dusk. They surrounded the camp and attacked. It is said the troopers never reported on what actually happened that night only to say clothes, axes and other odd items belonging to the men were found within the camp. The sad events of the day lead to the area being named “Murdering Point. However the name was changed to Kurramine (meaning rising sun) in 1930. Now Murdering Point is just a little beach. win

The Murdering Point Winery offered a different style of wine in that the wines are made from different fruit and spices. They mainly used lychee, mango, passionfruit, davidson plum, jaboticabo, ginger, ginseng, pineapple, mulberry and black sapote. Adrian and I love visiting wineries so I was looking forward to tasting something different and something different was definitely on offer. We paid $5 to taste 3 different wines. (This is something different for me. In WA very few if any wineries will charge for tastings.) My sister and I pooled our tasting together (two tasting each) and picked 12 different wines. I had hoped it wasn’t going to be like when we tasted some mango wine in Kuranda. It was a dollar a taste and the amount we were give to try was about a mil. Not happy with that. It wasn’t, we received a good size sample, definably enough to share. It is not often I like every wine I taste. At the Murdering Point Winery I like everything I tasted. Some more than other but I would be happy to drink any of the wines I tried. I proved this by buying 6 bottles. They didn’t last long.


On our way back we stopped in at a little bay I can’t remember the name off, to have a look around.   The town was pretty but nothing really different from anything else we have seen. We found the boat ramp and this is where my interest was sparked. In the mud leading down to the ramp were some small crabs. They were the once with the one big claw. We watched them for about 10 minutes. It was funny watch the small crabs run around threatening anything that come into their area with the one big fist. It was a little like clowns at the circus.

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