Sunrise, Mission Beach

One morning I made the effort to get up early to watch the sunrise over the ocean. For me it was something different. To start with I thought I might have missed it, as it seemed to be quite light at 5 am. Then I saw the sun slowly emerging. Then it was up and away. It surprised me how quick the sunrise was. One moment it is just appearing on the horizon then the next moment the sun was almost right above me. I went back to the van and went back to bed. I am retired; I don’t need to be up at 5 am anymore. 

On the flip side of the sunrise was the rising of the moon. While we were at Mission Beach we had a super moon. We all trundled down to the beach laden down with our cameras to take that perfect shot. We sat back and waited with drinks in hand. I set my camera up on a stump of a palm tree and snapped away.

Most of my photos come out great if you lean to the side to take in their full beauty. (It is a good thing I know how to straighten and crop.)


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