The van park was a little out of town. When we arrived the manager told us it looked like rush hour with the two vans. It hadn’t been so busy in a long time “do you think you can fit us both in?” Laughing he said “Oh, don’t know it may be a squeeze.” After we had taken care of the paperwork he took us for a drive around the park in his golf buggy showing us all the places we could park. We chose a large spot near some mango trees. He told us we could pick as many mangos as we liked. He also gave us a map of the town and told us what was good to go see. He did explain there were having a special on and it you stayed for 3 nights you go the 4th for free. We booked in for 2 nights and he told us if we changed our mind and come back for the anther night we could still have the deal. Nice.

We drove around town and then went up to the lookout. That is one steep hill. What was surprising was how many people were walking up the hill. Some even jogging. It did look like a walking or running group, as there were so many. The view from the top was spectacular. We took the Summit Loop Track it is only 260m return.   The track weaves around the top part of the hill. We all enjoyed the walk except for Adrian, who sat and waited for us.


We then drove along the boardwalk and stopped for coffee and cake. The cafe area was mainly open. We didn’t realize it was a restaurant until we sat down and looked at the menu by then it seemed rude to get up and walk away. We order coffees and looked at the desert menu for a cake. They had churro listed, great. We asked how many was in a serve and ordered a serve to share, 5 of us 6 churros. The last one was cut into 4 and I had the big strawberry, which decorated the plate. (I was trying to be a little healthy.)

Across the road was a large fig tree. My nephew decided he wanted to climb it and while we all waited and watched my brother in law noticed a baby bird in the plants at the base. It looked like it had fallen out of its nest and it looked like it was too young to fly. We debated as to what to do with it. My nephew was all for taking it home to look after it. A quick “No” was given to that request. It looked like it’s mother was keeping an eye on the baby as several times it swooped down then back up to the tree. There was a lot of discussion of what to do with the poor thing but in the end we walked away and let nature take its course.

On the first morning I took a walk around the van park. There is a river not far from the park but it was down a steep hill and not easy to get to. I stuck to the flat sides of the van park. I saw what I think were two geese rambling along; they seemed disinterested in me and after taking some shots of them I moved along. I had only gone about 10 feet when cries came from the skies. I look up to see thousand of birds (ok an exaggeration I know but still lots.)

hey were not happy with me invading their slumber and they let me know. I have seen geese flying before and swimming but what I had never seen before were geese in the trees. They were perched high in the trees. What the ? It was not what I was expecting which is rather silly of me. They are birds, most birds live in trees so why not geese? It is just they are water birds with webbed feet. I checked with Mr Google to see if they were geese or not, just to make sure. From the photos I saw they looked like geese. Another thing I have leant about my country and birds.


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