We had been told several times if we are ever in Clermont to make sure we stop to have a look at the mural on the old train wagon.   The first 3 wagons were painted in 1999 by Glen Gillard, the fourth was added the next year.   As a symbol of the environment Mr Gillard hides frogs in his paintings. It adds a special challenge to visitors and locals to try and find the frogs in each of the murals. The murals are impressive and I did have a good look for the frogs but I couldn’t find any.

The cattle industry is still one of the main industries of the district. The area generally turns over about 75,000 head of cattle a year (now that is a lot hamburgers.) Once upon a time the cattle would have been moved by droving teams but now the cattle are transported by road trains (road trains can be as large as three double decker trailers. Still a lot of hamburgers)

Cattle production and agriculture isn’t the only industry that built the town. Gold was discovered in 1861 and like Charters Towers it wasn’t long before the area was full of people hoping and praying that they would find a fortune.   In just 40 years over 7,380 kg of gold had been dug from the ground (1861 to 1901.) The ground hasn’t give up all its treasures and people are still finding gold to this day. clermont-3

The area also has copper and coal, which is still mined today.

We had a look at the mural and debated if to stay for lunch or not. Adrian’s back was giving him problems so we chose to move on to our next stop. Another town to come back too at a latter date.


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