Theresa Creek Dam

We pulled into Theresa Creek Dam mid afternoon. The dam has a basic van park. For $15 a night there is no power and no water but there are showers. The van park was almost empty so we had the pick of the park. The recreation part of the dam was very busy. We had to wait our turn to book in, we decided to stay for 2 nights to give Adrian’s back a rest from the traveling. 

After most of the day people left, I went for a walk down to the dam.


What surprised me was how many Rainbow Lorikeets there were. They are such colourful birds, manly green and red with blue and yellow. Each bird seem to have it’s own way of wearing the colours. They seemed to be very happy to have me in their territory. I did think that people had fed them, as they showed not fear of me. (After reading a bit about them they generally only eat nectar from the eucalyptus trees so they were just being friendly.) The rainbow lorikeets are generally seen in pairs and it was interesting to see them reacting with each other. I could almost see them having a conversation with each other. I would have watched them for about an hour. By the end of the hour my poor camera was begging me to stop taking photos.


I went for a walk the next day around the side of dam.  I did think of walking to the other side but it was fenced off.

I was surprised to see a large clearing with shade shelters. We had been told there were some shelters for vans at the dam but it still surprised me there was so many. They were big enough to pull in an average size van under them but I guess most people would have the shelter as an alcove and park next to it. This place must really rock at peak times. Traveling on the off-season we miss all of that. Peak season is great if you have children but off season is better if you are old and just the two of us (a lot quieter.) This area would be the place to be if you had a boat, as there is a protected boat ramp. Nice.

The Lorikeets were around the side as well as many other birds. Like the Rosella, (I think it was a rosella.)

and Cocky’s

and a black bird taking an early morning bath.

I saw one lonely kookaburra that sang for me. (The sound makes me feel very Australian.) theresa-33

Then there were the water birds

but my favorites were the lorikeets. theresa-13

They seemed to like my attention and followed me as I walked back to the van.


Their attention did make me think I should have given them some coconut or something like that (I have been told never to give bread as it is bad for them.) Surely birds don’t get that friendly without being fed.

When I arrived back at the van the lorikeets had moved on.   Adrian was trying to do some strengthening exercises for his back. After that we just sat and read. It was nice and relaxing being a Monday everyone was back at work.

The next morning I woke to a funny sound out side the window. To me it sounded like someone standing close to the window loudly eating. I had a quick look and then laughed. Yep I was right someone what standing close to my window eating. The area where we were parked was lovely and green. One of the local cows had decided to have breakfast.


Theresa Dam is a lovely spot. Another one on the list of would like to come back to. Next time we will be able to put the canoe in for a paddle.

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