Our next stop was under a bridge. No kidding we slept under a bridge. It was a new experience for me, and one I would not recommend. A little too close to the road and the train tracks for my liking. A train passes over us in the middle of the night and woke me with a fright. It was that brief second when you are only half awake and you think ‘where am I, what is happening. what its that noise? Oh that’s right I am sleeping under a bridge.’ Not that I am complaining. It was on the edge of Emerald, and more important, it was free. I can put up with a little noise and the rocking of the van if the price it right.


Next to the bush stop is the botanical Gardens. I left Adrian back in the van while I went for a look. I was surprised with how busy the gardens were early in the morning. It was nice to see so many people using the park and why wouldn’t you. It was lovely and green. Every now and again there was a piece of gym equipment set in a shady area. Nice touch.

To make things interesting there was a bush chapel. emd-5A windmill with a dancing cocky.

A yellow brick road (which I didn’t take) and a rock garden.

I watched some birds have breakfast but I am not sure what was on the menu.

To finish my walk off I walked though the Melaleuca Maze.   Now how do you take a good photo of a maze when you are in the middle of it and everywhere you look it is green? You look for something of interest, like a butterfly.

The gardens are massive. I walked around for about an hour and I had only look at a small part of it. I started to make my way back to the van when I saw a lone kookaburra. He seemed to be standing guard. Just below him was a sign warning me of magpies. I didn’t see any magpies, was that a job well done?


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