We were going to have another night stop before hitting Maitland but decided to make it a long day and push on. We had traveled a long way without really seeing anything. We keep saying we will go back at a latter day and drive the same roads and spend more time at the different spots. It was sad we didn’t get to see more but it was good to rock up at my brother’s home and be welcomed.

Once we hit Maitland the medical visits began. Doctors, Chiropractors, Masseuse Sport Therapist, if it helped, Adrian was up for it. There was at least one medical appointment per day some time 2 or more. To make matter worse, two years ago I had a kidney out with cancer, because of this I need to be checked every year to make sure my remaining kidney is still looking good. This year they found something in my liver so in between taking Adrian to his medical appointments I also had several for myself. So began our life for two months. We were thankful we could stay at my brother’s house for the time. It made it a lot easer.

In between all the appointments we had Christmas and New Year. (Yes I know Christmas was so last year. I started the blog after we were on the road for 5 months and I have been playing catch up ever since. I am only 2 months behind now.)

Leaving Adrian back at my brother’s place the rest of the family went to see the Christmas lights at the Hunter Valley Gardens. I was amazed with how many lights there were to see. The place was packed with children of all ages. It seemed almost every part of the garden was lit up.

Most areas had a theme to them.

It was a one way system which worked well. Everyone seemed to move at the same slow pass through fairylands and make believe.

There was even Father Christmas workshop.

My sister in law loves Christmas. The house was decorated from top to toe with blow up Santa’s and enough musical toys to climb the stairs amongst other items like a Christmas tree and decorations. I love Christmas as well but I don’t think I would have the energy to do what my sister in law did for Christmas.

My younger sister and family rock up two week’s before Christmas, I am one of five and my family is quite spread out. It is not often we are all together as there is generally someone missing. It was the first time in a long time so many of the family has been together for Christmas. Simply wonderful.

The Maitland area warmed up nicely for Christmas and New Year. Some would say a little too warm and I would agree with them. When the pool water is hotter than bath water it is time to chill out. Even with the warm water we spent long hours in the pool. In liquid and with liquid was the only way to go. My sister in law has some waterproof light’s and it made for some lovely night-time swims.


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