Our next night was spent on a vacant block next to the pub at Curlewis. Like most of our bush camps we found it on Wiki camps and sometime they don’t give too much information about a spot. Most of the information comes from campers comments themselves so it can be a bit vague in the descriptions. We went into the pub to make sure we were at the right spot and the bar lady shrugged her shoulder and said, “vans park there all the time. It has nothing to do with us.”  

To start with the block looked nice until we drove onto it. The land was full with double-gees. They crushed under our feet with every step leaving our thongs covered.

We went back to the pub for a drink in the evening. It is a lovely old-fashioned looking building. It looked like it would have had a lot of life once but now the pub was almost empty and quiet. The town matched the pub. We went to bed early and woke early. I took a walk along the road into the town. Trucks were already lined up to use the silos. It was so early even the birds were still asleep. I don’t know if the drivers of the truck slept in them or just parked up with the last load of the day to get a jump on the next days work.


The town it’s self has seen better days. We only stayed on the road that lead us into the town. It had a sadness to it as many of the building had been left to die. Abandoned and forgotten.

When we left we saw, what we think was a grain train heading to port. It seemed to go on forever. A lot of bread in that train. curl-t

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