Wine Country Caravan Park

To keep busy we kept up our daily walks. We changed our destinations ending up at the cemetery one day. They are always sad places but very interesting at the same time. Then on another day we ended up at a house that sold eggs. We were introduced to the chickens that laid them as well. The owner pointed out each hen by names. Sweet.

We were still in the van park for Anzac day and this time there was a cooked breakfast with bacon sausages and eggs. We felt very spoiled.

I can honestly say the van park was the nicest one we have been in. Apart from one problem with our next door neighbor who came over and complained about the noise coming from our van. I was tenderizing some steaks at the time and he demanded I stop all the banging.

In our 18 months traveling around we have only stayed in 19 van parks and 5 showgrounds everything else has been bush camps. Before we started out trip we budged to spend $100 a week on van parks. In the 18 months we have averaged only $60 a week. Not bad considering most of the money we have spent on van parks has happened over the last 6 month because of Adrian hurting his back.

We left the next day.

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