Jerry Plain Recreation Reserve and Batter Rock Rest Area

We stopped for morning tea at Jerry Plain Recreation Reserve which is an over night stop. What a lovely spot. To start with we thought it was a small car park where vans could pull in for the night. When we had a look we found a large grass area.   There are toilets and a nice looking BBQ undercover area. What blew me away was the old fridge, which had been turned into a “Little Free Library.” What a fantastic idea. Both Adrian and I love to read so we have e-readers but for me you can’t take away the pleasure of an actual book. We would have stopped the night if we hadn’t been driving for only an hour, it did look nice.

We changed driver. It was the first time since Adrian had hurt his back that he had driven with the van and only after his operation that he had ventured behind the wheel. It had been about 6 months. He was under strict instruction: if there was any pain to pull over and I would continue to drive. I think we both held out breath for a while. Everything was fine.

The road lead us up one hill after another, from one lovely valley to another. I was so happy I wasn’t driving as I could sit back and appreciate it. I had missed being in the passenger seat.

We made another stop at Batter Rock Rest Area. It is only 15 ks from Merriwa. Wiki said it was an overnight stop. There were facilities and a shade shelter. We took the van past them and moved further along the track round the side of the hill. (It is always a worry in places like this as you are never sure if you will have to back out again.) The track opened up into an area a little larger that the top parking spot. There was already a van parked up so we had to continue and turn a little way on. It was a very tight turn and for a moment I though we would loose the side of the van to a tree. Once turned we parked up to have lunch. We talked about staying; I was all for it and Adrian was against it. Adrian won. Before we moved on I climbed the rock. They were amazing; the rocks look more like beams from a building than a natural formation.   Adrian decided he wasn’t up to climbing as yet so I started up the rocks on my own. I was half way up when I though it wasn’t the best idea. I could get up but could I get down. It was a bit tricky. I stuck to the bigger rocks thinking they wouldn’t be going anywhere. Only once rock played with me a little, wobbling as I stepped on it. Just because my life flashed before my eyes doesn’t mean I panicked. The bottom felt really good when I got back down though. At my age you would thing I would know better.

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