Border, Cunnamulla

Next morning we said goodbye to everyone who sat around our campfire and headed out on that fantastic road again. It wasn’t long before we started to notice the changing of the countryside. While Bourke was mostly green the land past Bourke quickly turned dry. At about the same time we started to notice the side of the road was filled with the dead bodies of kangaroos and the odd emu. We had never seen so many along one road before. Early in the morning they come to the road to drink the condensation.

border aa

We stopped in what was once a town but now only the pub is left standing.


We had pulled up next to a playground across from the pub. It was a popular spot for morning tea and there were several vans parked up when we arrived.

bourder 1

The playground was overgrown and forgotten. Maybe once it heard the laughter of children but now it reflects the loneliness of the old town. The town has a population of 4. On a list of things to do in the town was to try and meet the entire population.

We didn’t realize we were so close to the border as it wasn’t much further up the road. Nearly everyone who had stopped at the pub stopped at the border as well. We all just have to have that photo of the border sign.

It was goodbye NSW

bourder 6

and hello Queensland

Our first stay back in Queensland would be just out of Cunnamulla. We still had a long way to go.


We stoped for lunch at Cunnamulla and to take photos of the Cunnamulla Fella. The fella is a large statue that sits outside of the council building. He was immortalised in a song by Stan Coster and sung by Slim Dusty. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have ever heard the song. You can be a Cunnamulla fella too if you like. Outside of the tourist information centre is a photos opportunity for you with a cut out of the fella.

After our usual stop at the information centre and after speaking to a staff member we decided to do the ‘Adventures Way’ or ‘The Loop’ as the locals called it, which took in several small country towns.

Before we set of we took a walk around town. The medium strip of the main street had been decorated with sculptures that reflected on the outback of Queensland. They seemed out of place with the empty shops we walked past.

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