River Cruise and Dinner

Included in our ticket was a river cruise and dinner. We would be picked up and dropped of at the bush camp. Being at dusk I would have though we would have seen more bird life. There was a bird in a tree watching us pass by and a water bird on the side of the river that did the same. I did see the odd bird fly past but I would have though they would be coming in to settle for the night but it just didn’t happen.

As we travelled down the river we were served cheese and crackers while the captain told us some of the history of the area and pointed out different tree, which had been marked by the local people. Most of the marked tree we were told had been use for making a spear or maybe a basket.

The view of the river was lovely, being early evening the colours of the trees reflected.

After about half an hour the captain pulled the boat into the bank at a set spot. If you like you could go ashore and climb a small hill to watch the sun set. While we were waiting our hostess fed some turtles that lived in the area.

The captain came to talk to the passengers to answer any questions anyone may have. He then started to line people up and using their camera take a photo of them with the sun setting behind them. Nice. He asked me if I wanted our photo taken and I though ‘why not’ as I am always behind the camera. I loved the result. I think it is the best photo anyone has taken of me for a long time.

long cr 10

We weren’t the only ones on a cruise, as while we were feeding the turtles and waiting for the sun to set two other boats made their way down to our spot before turning around and sailing back.

If I though the sailing down the river was pretty the sail back was more spectacular.

After the cruise was finished we were herded into the outdoors eating area. We were shown to a table of eight. I never really like it when they do that. Eight is just a little to big it you don’t know anyone. You can’t really hear the person on the other side of the table so you are stuck with talking with the person next to you. Adrian does well with that but I don’t.

long cr 16

Dinner was beef stew or grilled fish on an alternative drop. I have a little try of Adrian’s beef stew (yuck) luckily I was given the fish. For desert it was cheesecake or chocolate mud cake and again on alternative drop. This time we shared, best of both worlds.

The entertainer was country and western music. Not a big fan. Not because I don’t like the music itself but for me most of it is very sad. We heard a song about 911 and another for a small baby that had died.   The Manchester bombing was mentioned as well. The singer switched characters with different wigs and glasses. He told old jokes to lighten the mood and boy did we need them. They say that if you play country western music backwards you get a happy life.

All in all I did enjoy the evening.

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