The drive to our next stop took us along the coast. The road weaved around the mountains giving us ocean views all the way .

We took a break at Rex’s Lookout. We took our time taking in everything. Amazing spot. Adrian was driving leaving me to sit back and admire.

coast road 6


We turned left at the railway line. The buildings looked old and unloved and I wasn’t sure to what we would find at the campsite.


We were very impressed with the bush camp. It was quite large and green.  The camp even had a shower block that is always nice to see.

We didn’t chose to park on the grass but parked up on a bitumen area that looked like a car park (it was ok as others had done the same.) It would make it easy for us as we just drove into the spot and didn’t have to back up and reposition the van. We were only going to stay one night so it would also make it easy for us to pull out in the morning. We didn’t bother to unhook the car. We were just congratulating our self on a great spot when a van pulled up right beside us. I don’t mean next to us I mean right beside us. They were so close that when they put their awning out it almost made contact with our window, which was open. It was a good thing it was open as they may have come even closer. Did they know they could have parked anywhere? As there still was plenty of room I guess they just wanted to be with the ‘Beautiful people’.

park 2

After lunch we walked into town. It was back over the railway line and then continue on. It was a nice little town filled with old buildings, nothing spectacular but nice. The town had that country feel to it where people said ‘Hi’ with a smile to strangers.

Normally we would go to the tourist information centre but we gave it a miss. Now we will never know what great thing we might have neglected to see.

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