We stayed at a Members Stop Over (MSO) just out of Mossmon. What a lovely place. They had 3 acres in all. Most of the area was open but off to one side was a garden of fruit trees and banana palms as well as red passion fruits. I was really impressed with the banana palms. I have never been so close to one before. Some were in flower. I guess if I lived in Queensland I would have bananas growing in my back yard as well. Love the idea.


The property was set beside sugar plantations. As we were driving we noticed the farmers were cutting the cane. The birds love it. It is an impressive sight to see the tractor slicing the cane and having the birds bussing around. I did wonder how many would end up in with the sugar cane.

moss 1

After setting up our van we drove into Mossman for a quick look around. The town has a lovely old church. I was amazed with the detail. The back of the church had been decorated in a mosaic. The window frames looked like they had been hand carved and hand painted. Very pretty and something a little different from what we have seen before.

It didn’t take us long to look around the town and then it was off to do some shopping then we took the scenic drive back to our van. The view was amazing. I can understand why people want to live in the area.

The next day we drove into Port Douglas. Our first stop was the beach. It was a little windy and not over hot but the beach was still packed.

port 1

We walked around the town for a bit doing some window-shopping. Most of the shops were the usual type catering for the tourists but one caught my eye. It offered jewellery with a picture of the moon as the centrepiece. All the photos of the moon have been taken by NASA over the years so you can go back a long way. If you were going to get one for your daughter or son you could have a picture of the moon on the day she was born or the day she turned 18 or maybe the day she graduated. Whatever day is important to you. I like that and it is something different. Yes I did buy one and someone will find in under his or her Christmas tree this year. I did think about buying one for myself but I know I wouldn’t wear it but I did like the idea.

port 2

We walked to the end of the shopping street and down to the pier. The tide was out, leaving behind the glistening sands. Spectacular. We walked to the end. The warehouse building looked old and unloved but it still looked like it was in use.

We continued on to the marina jetty. We decided to stop and have lunch. We had to share out table but I was ok with that and I think she was as well.

We had a 2-course meal deal. For $25 we received a main, a dessert and a glass of wine. Sometimes the meal deals give only small serves but here they were full size. By the time we had finished the mains we were quite full but when the dessert come out we finished that as well. (I told Adrian to eat up, as I wasn’t going to cook dinner.) We then sat back and admired the boats. For a brief moment we did feel part of the rich and famous.

port 10

Yes we took the walk around the boats and played ‘which one would I have it I could afford it?’ There were some big boats.

I was in my element. Not only was Mossman having markets on Saturday but Port Douglas were having some on the Sunday. Adrian asked me which one I wanted to go to. I laughed. Silly question. Obvious answer. Yes we did go to both. Some of the stalls were the same but I expected that. The market at Port Douglas were three times bigger that the one at Mossman but the Mossman’s market was still fun. We had been warned the Port Douglas markets were very hippy and may not have anything of interest for us. That was the best part. Something different. I ran around tasting all the free sample of stuff like wheat grass smoothies (yuck) and bread made with that new grain thought to be lost a thousand years ago and only just found again. You know the one that will cure everything right down to the blister on your big toe and taste like the shoes you have been wearing. (Mmm yuck again but I just have to taste it anyway.)

There was even a bush poet.

I had so much fun.

One of the nice things about staying at the M.S.O. is the owner came down each night for happy hour and we all swapped stories of our times on the road. Happy hour is always a lot of fun and we are always picking up great tips.

One of the bad things about staying at a M.S.O. is there is a happy hour where there is a lot of lovely cheese and crackers and other nibbles.   Sooooo hard to be good. I guess the diet will start tomorrow, as I am not that good at saying no. I have been making spicy popcorn and taking that. I hope that it is not as fattening as the cheese and crackers and it is something different. It is funny but I am often asked how I can make popcorn without power. It seems like most people don’t know how to cook popcorn if it isn’t in a bag with instructions.

(My recipe: Heat a little oil in frying pan. When pan it wormed add popping corn and place lid on top. Shake pan a little to make sure the corn is coated in the oil. Wait for the corn to pop. When you can no longer hear the popping sound take off heat. Let cool. Now you can melt some butter then add you favoured spice to the butter and then add it to the popcorn and toss it about to coat. Sometime for something sweet I add maple syrup and cinnamon to the butter. Mmmmm nice.)

moss abc

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