Glass House Mountains

MSO Beerburrum

We took advantage of another MSO (Member Stop Over) just out of Beerburrum. When we had contacted the owner of the property they let us know they would not be there but they were happy to have us stay as their son was house sitting.

The MSO was set behind a house by the shade of a forest. We took a walk up the road at sunset. We felt like we were totally alone in the world.

From the MSO camp we drove to see the Glass House Mountains

Glass House Mountains

We stopped at the bottom of a steep hill and started the long walk up. No, we weren’t at the base of the Glass House Mountains, they were still miles away. We were starting our climb up to a fire tower to view the vista. The lookout first started in 1930 as a fire tower as it gives such an amazing view of the area. Although it is only used in summer as a fire tower (with the fire season be between September and March) it is open all year round for anyone who wants to take the long walk up the hill for the view.

It was a very steep assent to the top. When I arrived I wasn’t convinced it was worth the effort. It might have been because I was dizzy with trying to catch my breath or it could just have been my blurred vision but I did wonder what I was doing. After I had caught my breath and could see properly again I changed my mind. The view was amazzzzzing. I think we could even see all the way to Brisbane.

I was very disappointed in my photos; I just didn’t capture how fantastic the view was.

The mountains received their name from Lieutenant James Cook when he took his voyage along the Australian’s east coast line in 1770. All the way out at sea he noted the sharp-sided peaks through his telescope. He thought the prominent peaks on the horizon resembled the glass furnaces in his native Yorkshire. They were later navigated and explored by Matthew Flinders in 1799. Flinders reached Mt Beerburrum’s summit but his attempt to climb Mt Tibrogargan failed.

glass 4

I enjoyed the walk down a lot much more than going up.

We moved to another lookout a lot closer to the mountains. The Glass House Mountains are thought to be over 25 million years old and the steep-sides are said to be the most impressive landmarks in southeast Queensland. On a clear day you can see them as far away as the Scenic Rim on the Queensland/New South Wales border or so I have been told.

glass 12

We had to go up. If we weren’t going up we were going down. If we weren’t going up or down we were going round. I don’t think there was a straight and flat stretch of the road. We saw signs along the road warning vanner’s to be careful. It is ok we made it into Maleny safely. The town started to grow after gold was discovered in 1867. It then started to make butter in 1904, and by the time the 1920s came round it was a timber town with most of the surrounding area being heavily harvested. Now days it is a charming sleepy town offering an alternative lifestyle. That uniqueness entices a lot of day-trippers from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as the town now offers various stores and art galleries.

In 2005 the little town was very upset. A large department store wanted to expand into the area. The locals protested claiming the building would be built over a significant platypus habitat. The locals started to wear badges with “I won’t shop there” and posters saying the same were posted around the town. It is thought 79% of the local residents protested the new development even offering to purchase the site, the store went ahead and opened in 2006. For me that is a sad story for the local people.

As we looked around the town we found one of my favorite shops and I just had to indulge. They offered free samples so I was in heaven, the only problem is how many free sample is acceptable and how many is being greedy, and does that number change if you are planning to purchase something? I don’t wont to be a pig but I do love my free samples.

glass 22

Everywhere you look the view was spectacular. Adrian and I talked about how nice it would be to live in the area and to wake up every morning to such a great view.

glass 24

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