Montville, Maroochydore

We travelled on to stop at Montville. It is set up for tourist with high prices on most things. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth the time to take a look at everything. We decided to have lunch at an old looking English pub with a sense of humour.

Then it was off to look around the town.

The town is a mixture of old and new. An example of this is the Irish cottage. In 1980 the area reminded Joseph Delaney so much of his Ireland home he built a traditional Irish Cottage with an original thatched roof (the thatch has since been replaced by slate tiles.) Something different.

There was an adorable clock shop. You could hear the ticking as you opened the door. No everyday clocks here every one of them looked like a work of art. There was even a room set aside to showcase grandfather clocks. I almost wanted one. It gave me a laugh when I though about where I would put it in the van.

The next day was cold and miserable so we decided to stay in the van catching up on house work or in this case van work.

Then it was as if the weather had a switch and someone turned the sun on as the next day it was out shining again. We drove down to Maroochydore to spend the day beside the sea. We walked along the shoreline at Cotton Tree Lagoon. The area offers a safe place to swim and is used for swimming and life saving lessons.

We ended up looking out to the open ocean to find a different story. Although the waves were small they did like to make themself known to the beach.

glass 37

We moved to the local wharf to have lunch in a café overlooking the blue water and white boats. It was a lovely relaxing day.

glass 40

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