Roses Park, Thora

Our next stop was going to be in a van park but on our travel to the falls we saw Roses Park at Thora. We thought we would save our $50 in van park fees. We ended up spending it on Chinese food instead. Good choice.

There isn’t much to the town of Thora. It seems to be only a small general store come post office and petrol station and a handful of houses. They were all set high on the hillside, as the river likes to flood. I was surprised the town wasn’t bigger. I thought it would be a lovely place to be as it is set about halfway between Dorrigo and Bellingen on the Waterfall Way and only about 40ks from the coast on one side and nestled against the hills. It seems to me it would be the best of both worlds. Tropical rain forest and amazing waterfalls on one side with sunny beaches on the other.

The park was set high on the banks of Bellinger River, basic but nice.

Roses Park 1

We set up camp then sat back to relax before lunch. Adrian was reading and I was working on my blog when our next-door neighbours came calling.

Trish was a craft person and you guessed it we started talking craft. She has made some amazing things in her travels. We talked until way past lunchtime. When we realized the time, they departed for a quick lunch and then resumed again until early evening.   While I can crochet I can’t read a pattern. Poor Trish started trying to teach me how to read a crocheting pattern. I made a sample piece and it all looked good. Now I needed to put all Trish’s effort into practice, like a lot of things if you don’t use it you will loose it. I don’t know what I will make though. It is always good to have something to do in the evenings. (I have been crocheting shopping bags for everyone as Christmas presents.)

Trish left the next day. As they pulled out I noticed the sign on the back of their van. It gave me a laugh, it was so true but it was an enjoyable waste of time.

Roses Park

Being on our own the next day we took a walk across the bridge and along the side of the river.

We watched the sun go down at the end of another relaxing day. Only one more stop and we would be at my brother’s house for his party.

rose park 6


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