Coopernook Forest HQ

I was surprised with how large the bush camp was and how green. There would have been about 30 vans and tents there already. Some of them looking like they had been or were going to be there a long time, yet we were not crammed together.

coopernook 1

There were signs of kangaroos everywhere so I was expecting to have some visitors in the early evenings or mornings but no such luck. We heard the birds in the forest and saw some little finches darting around as they do and there was a kookaburra, which came to check out the vans.


It was hot on our first day with the temperature reaching 35c. We were following the sun but we didn’t want to get that close to it. We opened up all the windows and talked about getting the fan out from under the bed. There was a fire ban on and a ranger came around to let everyone know about the danger and to put up signs. I heard one of the men in a van not far from us complaining that he wasn’t happy about the fire ban. It seemed he had spent the day collecting firewood. It didn’t take them long to pack up and be on their way. It seems there is no point staying unless you can have a fire. (He took the wood with him.) He should have stayed as the next day it was only about 18c and we talked about putting the heater on. A fire would have been nice. We were amazed with how quickly the weather had changed. The day was filled with drizzle that came and went for most of the day.

We took advantage of the change in weather to take a walk thought the forest.

coopernook 5

We were only going to go for a short walk but it was two hours before we made it back to the van. It could have been because the area was so lovely but it could have also been because with all the tracks we walked further than we thought we would. (I won’t admit we might have been lost for some of that time.)

When we finally made it back to the van we surprised a goanna who ran for cover up the closest tree. I don’t know who was more surprised it or us.

On a side note there are 30 different species of goanna’s in the world and 25 of them are found in Australia. None of them are as big as a komodo dragon but that doesn’t matte. If you ever come face to face with an Australian goanna in the wild, they are fast and look mean. When they are startled they run up the tallest thing around and if that is you, they wont hesitate.

We left the next day. It was probably a good thing. A group of youngsters arrived late the night before and we heard them long into the night. We assumed they were the advance party for the weekend.


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