Telstra Tower Canberra

We started off with markets that were being held in walking distant from where we were staying.   You know me and markets. We just had to go. It was full of flowers and food. The fragrance and aroma coming from the different stores was heavenly.

They gave out free tasting of the different produce. That always make me happy, although sometimes it does make me feel guilty as I have no intention of buying anything but I do get over that felling very quickly when I see the next item on offer. I don’t think I could have eaten some of the items for sale though. Eyeballs aren’t really my thing.

canberra 73

We unloaded our shopping back at the van and headed out to the Telstra Tower. It stands at 195.2 m tall with two viewing galleries at 66.1m tall and 62m. The tower was opened in 1980 and provides 360-degree views of the city plus providing a mobile service.

canberra 72

We were greeted with a warning sign in the car park letting us know the tower may affect our car ignition or security systems. The warning ended with “Enjoy your visit.”   I like the humour in that. Your car could be stolen because of the Telstra tower but have a good time while it is happening.

canberra 66

We were charged $7 each to take in the views. I was not happy with that. The tower is there to supply a radio signal and they wont to charge people to take in the view as well. To me that is double dipping and I wasn’t going to climb it but Adrian insisted.

The lift didn’t give a floor number but a “metre” above sea level count. Once you had stepped in the life it tried to make you fell like you were one with the clouds.

Ok the view was amazing. You could see for miles and maybe it was worth the $7.00 but I still think it is double dipping.


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