Police Paddocks near Rutherglen

Our next stop was on an island. Ok it didn’t have a sea view and it wasn’t overly large at a meagre 1000 acres. To tell you the truth it didn’t even look like an island at all but it is still an Island as we had to pass over a bridge to get there.


The island is now part of the Gooramadda State Forest and is named Police Paddocks. The area received the name after the police started to spell their horses there in the 1880s.

This was our first stop on our journey along the Murray River. We had thought the area would be busy but we were almost the only ones along the river.   We took the opportunity to put the canoe in. It had been a long time since it had touched water. You just can’t beat a slow paddle up the river where the only sound you hear is the splash of you oar and maybe the odd cries of the wild life. I always start off by going against the current that way on the return journey it isn’t as hard to paddle.

police 1

Although we had had a restful day at Stanley, we decided to veg. out and just enjoy the river for the next three days. It was so nice to walk along the riverbank in both directions, sit outside the van and watch the sun set and let the world go by.

We had thought to put in some nets to see if we could catch some Murray Crayfish but we didn’t get around to it. There was a limit of two per person so it wasn’t as if we would be missing out on a big seafood dinner.

police 3

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