Bremer Bay

The next day we drove down to Bremer Bay. The only thing I knew about Bremer Bay was it is a fishing town. I wasn’t expecting much. What we did see was the most ugliest mermaid ever built. Each scale on her tail has been individually added and I can admire the work to make it but the face let it down. Go see it and decide if I’m right.

bremer bay 3

What was nice to see was the teacups scattered thought the town. Not little ones, the cups and sauces were made out of old ties. Painted in different ways and styles and used as giants flower pots. What a lovely way to use old ties.

We had a look around town then went up to the one and only “Wind-Diesel System“ in the town. To you and me a wind turbine. The turbine provides about 40% of Bremer Bay’s power. Not bad. What impressed me the most was, that 40% is said to save 370,00 liters of diesel a year. Our car is diesel and my mind started to convert the 370,00 liters to dollars. Boy what a saving.

bremer bay wind

We had a quick look at the top of the lookout. We would have stayed longer to enjoy the view but the wind was playing with us by trying to blow us off the platform.bremer bay beach 2

From there we drove to Ann’s Point. Ann’s Point is in the Fitzgerald River Nature Park. It did seem like we were driving for hours and hours though the same looking land but finally we arrived. The wind was still blowing strong and now there was the chill of the ocean to add to the wind. After the long drive and the cold weather I was not in the best of moods. The car park was set back and we had walk though the wind. I was thought “this better be good.”

Light blue water with white sand. I know that is what a beach is suppose to look like and yesterday we spent the afternoon at Cape Riche but there was something more to Ann’s Point. I don’t know what. I stood looking out across the ocean and said “wow” more than once. Many years ago I lived in London for several year. One thing I would hear often was how lovely our beaches in Australia were. I had never really thought about them before but when I came home I made a point of going to a beach. I saw them in a new light and wonder. This was like that. I saw the beach as if it I had never seen a beach before. I stood mesmerized. Yer I know a bit dramatic. Ok a lot dramatic. I guess I am not really a beach person. The only time I go to the beach is for “Sculpture by the Sea”. Sacrilegious I know when we have the best beaches in the world.

The wind finally dies down and we took a walk along the sand. Point Ann is well know for whale watching and is set up with a good advantage point to watch the sea. We had lunch in a hut not far from the beach and as I ate and watched the waves I thought “wow” again.

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