Next stop was Wagin. Wagin has opened an area inside the showground’s as a transit park. It is $6 for unpowered site and $12 for power. We spoke to a couple who had been on the road for 12 yeas manly sticking to WA now and come back to Wagin and the transit park every 6 to 10 weeks.

We walked around the town looking for a place to have lunch and I needed to go to the bank. The bank was closed. No sign, I checked with Adrian to make sure it wasn’t a weekend. All was good, so why was the bank closed? After thinking about it for a moment. This is country, it is lunchtime, put two and two together and you get “all the staff are at lunch together.” We decided to head off to one of the local pubs for a counter meal. There was a group of women enjoying a long lunch. You guessed it. It was all the bank staff: only in the country.

Wagin surprised me. I grew up not far from the town and I could always remember Wagin being a busy town. Now it looked dead. Cobwebs are everywhere, clinging to shops that no longer open their doors. Everything looks tired and sad. So many country towns are becoming shadows of what they use to be. With no industry to there is no country town.

Before we left we visited the village museum. This is worth the look. We spent about 2 hours there. I took so many photos of everything. I know I really don’t need 27 photos of old tractors but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Some of the items on display I can remember. Just those thoughts, made me feel old. One of the funniest items on display was the outside toilet. The good old dunny.   Showing everyone how it used to be. It made us laugh, as the dunny is like many that we have use while we have been Bush camping.


wagin 7

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