Yeldulknie Weir

I was driving as we turned off the main road to Yeldulknie Weir; the area had received quite a bit of rain and you could see where the water has washed part of the road away. It was a windy, steep rough descend so I took my time. We finally made it into the bush camp and I told Adrian that someone should grade that road.

We finished lunch and were sitting outside of the van when a grader turned up. I looked at Adrian and laughed. Did someone hear me? The driver stopped for a break and came and started talking to us. He told us he had been so busy with work because of the damage of the rain and would be for another week or so.


The weir bush camp wasn’t large, I would say quaint. We walked up and around the weir. The water looked old and stagnant. I stood and watched the dragonflies as they bussed about. There was so many. I found them hypnotizing. They were blue I don’t think we get blue ones in WA. I can’t remember seeing any.

There are several walks of different lengths you can do around the weir but we were lazy and after our small walk we sat outside to read for the rest of the day.

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