Tcharkuldau Hut

After Pildappa Rock we had a quick look at Turtle Rock then went on to Tcharkuldau Hut. The hut was originally for surveyors built around 1915. Not much has changed except for the graffiti.

We climb the rock behind the hut. The rocks weren’t over high but you could see for miles. There were some balancing rocks and some boulders cut in half if you use imagination but best of all was the eagle rock. You didn’t need much imagination to see the bird. I was very impressed with that one. It even had what looked like a claw.

Trying to fit as much sight seeing in as possible we drove onto Polda Rock. Polda Rock was use as a catchment facility. It supplied water to the local town of Wudinna and for the railways. It is said that the Polda Rock water catchment opened up the land for agriculture and settlement. When we had a look at it, it didn’t look that impressive but, as Australia is the seconded driest country in the world, any drop of water is importuned.

polda rock

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