Shepherd’s Huts

On another day we took a drive to see some old shepherd’s huts that was on the farm. As we are driving along I got at Adrian to stop the car as I had seen a wombat. The wombat was walking along and when we stopped he stopped. Fantastic, best photo ever coming up, “wombat in the wild.” By the time I have jumped out of the car with my camera he was off. I never knew wombats could run so fast. In frustration I took a photo of where the wombat was. It is probably going to be the closest I come to one that isn’t in the zoo.wombat

The first shepherds hut was in the middle of the paddock. Two rooms filled with forgotten time.

It wasn’t all bad, Tilly lanterns and a kerosene fridge, wow what luxury.


If you are going to survive the harsh Australian outback you have to have the breakfast of champions. Weetbix. No we didn’t try any.

I did think the convenience could have been freshened up a little.

shep cot 8

The seconds hut was next to some shearing sheds. This one had power and running water. It was still used when the shed was used.


I did see a wombat hole. How did I know a wombat made it? Easy, it had square poop around the outside. Hey I am from Western Australia. We don’t have wombats. It was a big deal for me and yes if you are not from Australia wombats do have square poop. Now you know the answer if it ever comes up in a quiz.

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