Lake Hart Lookout

We ended up stopping at Lake Hart Lookout. It is more than a lookout; although it is well were the stop for a look. Lake Hart Lookout offers a bush camp as well. It is in two parts both being quite large. The top part was flat and for everyone. The bottom part was for 4WD. We took the 4WD path as the top part was already half full and it let us get away from the road noise.   Lake Hart is a salt lake that stretches for miles and miles. At about 5pm after setting up camp and when the temperature had dropped and most of the flys had decided to go home we took a walk down to the lake. When we got closer to the lake we saw the train line. Dam, the idea of moving did cross our mind but we stayed where we were (to much hassles to move again.)

The lake was amazing. (There I go with my favored word again. New word, astonishing.) The lake was astonishing with its beauty. It stretched on and on. In the stillness of the salt lay life. Not as we know it as breathing but in the crystals growing and degenerating. The salt cracked under our feet with each step we took. What looked like the remains of a jetty jutting out of the water. We hadn’t read the information board at the top so we don’t know what the lake was used for. Of course I took a thousand photos hoping for that one photo to wow everyone. We hadn’t expected to see any water, as the other salt lakes we had seen both had been dry. The water wasn’t deep, only about a foot. We were so pleased we didn’t stop at Pimba.

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