Roadside Stop

We pulled over for the night at a roadside stop and found our friends with the 5th wheeler. They had been in Alice Springs for the storm as well. They told us that several of the shops had been closed with storm damage. She also told me she had a photo of the Todd running and how it had been 15 yeas since the last time it flowed. Damm, I should have stopped for that photo.

The roadside spot offered some interesting information about the center of Australia. It is at Mount Stuart, John McDouall Stuart calculated it with a sextant that the mountain was exactly halfway across and exactly halfway up. In 1988 it was calculated on a computer as correct. There is a pole at Lilla Station near the Finke River to mark the spot. We continued on but I have put it on the list for next time. How many people can say they have been to the true center of Australia?

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