Katherine is like Alice Springs in that it is an oasis very green and inviting. We had heard about the hot springs in Katherine and were looking forward to trying them. As it was still school holidays we were expecting to have some problem with getting into a van park and we were right. After the refusal at the first two we chose a park out of town. If we didn’t get into that one we were going to continue on. We were still having problems with our air bag. The one we had replaced was losing air. We were hoping to get it fixed so booked in for 3 nights. We spent the first day driving around the town looking for someone who could fix the leaking valve. No one wanted to know about it. We even rang the manufacturer to find out they didn’t have any agent in the town. There suggestion was to fix it ourselves.

The next day after some shopping, I sat in the van, out of the way while Adrian tackled the job. It did confirm what he thought, the valve was leaking. He took a photo of it so he knew to what to get. Another trip into town. He came back with a new one but of course it just wasn’t right. After a little adjusting, lots of swearing it seemed to work. Fingers crossed.

There was one day left to see the sites. We drove out to Katherine Gorge. There is a nice visitor centre and caravan park. You can take helicopter rides as well as travel down the river by boat. It is always a hard choice. Do we pay the money and have the experience or do we keep in budget. We decided to keep in budget (maybe next time.)


There are several walks, ranging from metres to ks. After looking through the visitor centre we chose to hike up to Baruwell lookout. We walked through the picnic area to find some bats just hanging around. They were a lot bigger that the once we had seen in Elliott. I gave them a wide berth. The path lead past the very long line of people waiting to go on the river cruises; must have been over a hundred. There were as many people going up to the lookout as there was coming down. People stopped along the way to take in the view. We did the same. We waited for them they waited for us. The view from the lookout was spectacular. We wished now we had taken one of the cruises. (Definitely next time.)


We decided to stop at Katherine hot springs on our way back to the van. They not really hot, more body temperature.   As we were walking down to the spring (oh its not really a spring either as it is a part of the river) anyway as we were walking down to the spring I noticed the facilities and took a photo. To me they looked more like a prison cell than toilets. Adrian asked me what I was taking a photo of. When I told him, he told me I would take a photo of anything. Laughing he said, “Ha look there is a crack on the path better take a photos of that.” So I did and it is a nice looking crack too.

The water was lovely and it did seem warmish when you first jumped in. There is a light current and you can peacefully float with it down stream. You could if it wasn’t for all the children jumping into the water right in from of you and screaming with the fun of it, it would have been a moment of serenity. It is my own fault, there is a “nana” area where you can sit and chat with all the other old people but I think I am still to young for that. (If you listen carefully you will hear Adrian still laughing at that statement.)

I thought it was one of the nicest springs I had seen until I started to see the spiders everywhere. I don’t seem to be able to get away from spiders at the moment. They seem so much bigger that the ones we have in WA.


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