We took a drive to Cairns. We have been to Cairns before and this time it was going to be a quick trip for Adrian to pick up a new tablet. His old one wasn’t that old and had decided to retire early. We had purchased it from a JB HIFI so had to wait until we found another store. Of course nothing goes the way you think it will, it would take JB’s a week to arrange a new tablet. Dam.

After Adrian didn’t get his new toy we walked down to the pool area.   Cairns isn’t known for its beaches. Sorry Cairns but they are pretty yucky.

To compensate for this, a swimming area has been built. After all it would be a shame not take advantage of the sunshine. Queensland boasts 365 days of sunshine all year round, (well that is except for the days when it rains.)

The swimming area has been set up to look like a lovely beach.

We took a walk along the boardwalk. The trees along the pathways had been decorated. Something extra for the tourists.

I love the country feel that Cairns has even though it is a city.

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