Mission Beach

The plan was to go back to Ravenshoe (after staying at Mareeba for a week,) for another night then on to Mission Beach the next day or the day after. We were about half on hour out of the town when my sister rang me. When we left Perth all those months ago my younger sister was going to head off a few months later and we would meet up in Mission Beach sometime in the early October. Unfortunately plans don’t always go the way we would like and it was another 3 months before my sister could finally hit the road. We had played phone tag along the way when we were in phone range. I had thought we had several more days up our sleeve before we were to meet up. The phone call said “we are in Mission Beach now.”

We had to make the decision, do we continue with our plans and stop the night in Ravenshoe or continue on. We chose to go on. It would make for a long day driving but then we would have 2 weeks to kick back and relax by the sea.

We drove past our first banana plantation and sugar field as well as some paw paw trees. I had never seen paw paw trees before. I had visions of farmers markets with the fruit picked fresh from the trees. I couldn’t wait.

Being off season, we scored a spot right next to my sister at the local council van park.  The van park touched the sand that touched the sea. Amazing, where else would you want to be.

Why Mission Beach over all the other lovely seaside town that run along the coast? Friends of my sister moved to the little town. We caught up with my sister and their friends for drinks on the first night. Drinks all round and sore heads in the morning. (Well not for us, I had spent the day driving so Adrian and I pleaded exhaustion and left the young ones to it.)

On the next day we took a drive around the town and the surrounding area. We awed and arred at the coastline and marveled at how green everything was. We then stopped at a little café for lunch to map out what we would like to do while we chilled out. My sister ordered for her family. As we were siting at the same table our order was placed on the same list. We sat outside in a lovely enclosure filled with flowers.

My sister’s order came and then the order for the next table arrived, (they were sometime after us.) We sat and waited. Finally Adrian ask about our burger, (we were sharing.) The lady went of to look into the lost burger and found out our order hadn’t been made at all because of a mix up in the kitchen. What surprised me was the lady gave us a choice. We could have our money back and still get our order or we could have a complementary desert with our order. Of course I chose to have the desert. Within about 10 minutes we had our burger then when we went to order our desert I told the lady she had started something as my sister chose to order desert for the family as well. I ordered a coffee for Adrian and was told that the coffee was on the house as well.   Very good business strategy. I wish more people in business used the same strategy. They say if someone has a bad experience people will tell up to 10 people. If they have a good experience they will tell up to 5. I had a very good experience so I would like to think I will tell more.

If you are every in Bingle Bay (Near Mission Beach) go to Bingle Café. The burger was worth the wait. Yummy. I don’t thing you will get the same good deal as us: one burger, one desert and a coffee for only $16.00. Good stuff.

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