The Beach, Mission Beach

What is it about a beach that just relaxes people? The beach was amazing (but you knew I was going to say that didn’t you?) While Adrian was laid up in bed with his bad back I started to take long walks along the beach. Alone. The beach was littered with little balls of sand made by the Sand Bubble Crab. I love the name these small crabs have been given. Sand Bubble. It sounds fun. They are only found in a tropic area and only grow to about a centimeter round.   They make the balls of sand while they are scour the sand for food. The balls radiate from the burrow like a flower petal. You could tell how high the tide had been as there is a clean canvas for the crabs first thing in the morning. I tried to get a photo of some but they were all too fast for me.

I started to take my camera with me and I took hundreds of photos. Most people I am sure would say of nothing but I love the patterns I found.

Then there were the photos of the beach I just liked.

I was a big kid when it came to my walks. I loved walking in the water and kicking the water up. On one walk a man with a smile on his face told me that I should stop as I may splash people. I laughed and told him I couldn’t help it as I was a big kid. He continued his way up the beach. About 5 minute later I looked up to see him in the water splashing as he walked. Converted.

Of course if you are walking along the beach with a camera in your hand you have to take that iconic shot of footprints in the sand. foot-prin

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