Coconuts, Mission Beach

We had a very windy day and a large branch had fallen just missing a van. As the van park is owned by the local council, the next day we had workers trimming the trees. Where we were, there weren’t many branches they needed to cut but there was a coconut tree fill with coconuts. They cut the coconuts down and left them next to our van. (Interesting side note: It is said each year, close to 150 people are killed worldwide by falling coconuts.)

One of the council workers asked us if we were going to open any. We told him we didn’t really know the best way to go about it. He kindly showed us. It is not as easy as you would think. He did make it look easy though but then he had a machete in his truck that he pulled out and started to hack away at the coconut with. Adrian had a try with his tomahawk. It didn’t seem to work as well as the machete. We opened 3 and drank the water (after I have poured it through some cheese cloth.) I said to Adrian “it taste just like the stuff you buy.” He gave me one of his looks, which said “they would be in trouble if it didn’t.” I laughed. coc

Over the next couple of days we cut into more coconuts.   Can’t beat fresh. We had several of the other van park resident’s come and ask if they could have a coconut to try. I thought it was nice of them to ask especially considering the coconuts weren’t really ours.

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