Richmond Town

After the museum we took a walk around the town. Just up from the museum is a replica of an original stone house. The original home, which was built in 1860, would have had a cane grass roof. Later when iron became available the roof would have been converted to iron. We took a quick look inside. The walls were covered with information and not much else. The house was very basic. Probably some bedrooms and a lounge. The cooking would have been done in a separate building or outside over an open fire. All water would have been carried from a nearby creek. At the time it was built it was probably a very modern home.

rich town 2

The stable out back was more interesting to me than the house. There was a Cobb & Co coach and a wool wagon.

From there we continued on to a park. There is a moon rock sculpture dedicated to the opening of the Flinders Highway. The park has used moon rocks to ring the grassed area. Straight away I wanted to know how many fossils were trapped inside just waiting to get out.

There wasn’t much to see further on so we turned and headed back to the museum. We noticed a trail of information signs going the other way so off we strolled. One of the information boards talked about the old Cordial Factory. The building once sat on the road past the park. Like a lot of buildings way back then it burnt down (in 1930.) The fire was so intense that a large gas cylinder exploded and went hurling through the air embedding itself in the dirt near the Criterion hotel. The Criterion hotel was probable half a k away. Impressive.

rich town 7

The Criterion Hotel was built in 1890’s. In 1923 the roof was blown away with a cyclone and the hotel burnt down in 1935. Sounds bad, it was better than the Royal Hotel. It was built in 1882 and was destroyed by fire 3 times the last being in 1969 after which it was never rebuilt. As we have travelled around we have read about the different pubs in the different towns we have passed through. It seems fire was the biggest danger to the business. It is rare to read about a pub that hasn’t burnt down at least once.

Not far from the van park is a bush tucker garden. We took a walk though it.   It was the wrong time of the year as nothing was in flower or fruit.   It was interesting to read what the plant was used for.   We have seen a few of these gardens on our travels but as yet we haven’t see any in bloom. No free samples for us.

Then it was on to Lake Fred Tritton. The Richmond town won a National Heart Foundation Award in 2004 for the lake. Nice. The lake has a “10,000 steps walk” around it. (Each circuit is 1500 steps.) The lake has been well set up for families with a picnic and BBQ area. While the adults kick back and relax there is a fun water park to entertain children young and old. Adrian made sure he was a good distance away from the spray. I don’t know why? It wasn’t as if I would have sprayed him lol!

rich town 12

In the middle of the lake is a small island called Dead Man’s Island. The story goes: a man fell off his horse and was killed. He was buried where he fell. When the lake was built it was decided to leave him resting and as a tribute Dead Man’s Island was build on his grave.

rich town 16

It was a lovely walk. The lake was filled with bird life. We had been told there were 18 different species of fish and red claw in the lake as well. We did see some people fishing but we didn’t see them catch anything. Such a nice way to finish off the day.

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