The town was holding a musical festival for the weekend so we had trouble finding a parking space. After driving around the town we finally found a great spot right beside the beach. Along the shoreline the sand had been decorated for the day and it looked like the local sailing clubs were out in force.

We hadn’t walked far up the beach when we reached the water park. It seemed to be right in the middle of the town. It was in full swing and looked very inviting.

We moved on to walking around the markets.  This took some time. I think I might have mentioned it one or twice but I do like markets not that I buy much. I love the fun and the colour as well as the idea that there maybe something different there.

There were several buskers scattered around the café strip and all the fun of the fair. Part of the road had been closed off and hay bails had been scattered around for seating. What a great idea and very country. A stage had been set up with the beach as a backdrop. There were performers doing their thing and more waiting in the wings to go on stage. We listened to some. Not all of them were good.

yappoon 3

We walked the café strip looking at all the different food places. We settled on fish and chips wrapped in paper for lunch. We sat looking at the beach at a small table out the front of the café. So nice. There is something about eating fish and chips beside the sea with the seagulls trying to join in that gives the meal a better flavour.

yappoon 5


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