Greens Point, Sofalia

Our next stop was at Gulgong for just one night then it was on to Sofalia. We drove out to Greens Point where we had camped before, this time we stayed at the top of the campsite instead of trying to find a spot in the lower area amongst the trees. It was a good decision as after we had set the van up we went for a walk to where we were camped before. The area was packed with tents and campervans that were filled with families and noisy children. (We are at the age where we like it a little quieter.)

We also noticed there were more ducks this time around. I dare say they stay around hoping to be fed.

We had an incident with the van on the first night. I was starting to cook dinner when I opened up the wooden top of the stove at the same time I opened the top cupboard to grab some spices out. One of the jars had moved in our travels and came smashing down onto the glass top of the stove. I moved the stovetop to find the broken piece coming away from the metal framework and the rest of the glass shattered. What a mess. We would have to clean the glass away from the metal framework. When that didn’t work we thought we could then remove the whole top piece from the stove completely. That didn’t work either. In the end we had to rip the top away from the stove. To start with we couldn’t get the cook top to work until we realized we needed to the let the cooker think the top had been lifted. Then we were cooking with gas. We think we will be up for a new cooker now. $$$$$$ Ahhh.

We didn’t do much for the two nights we were camped just took some short walks along the banks. The river was a lot lower this time reflecting on how dry the land was.

For a brief moment on one of our walks we thought we had discovered an old mine site but when we took a closer look we realized it was just a homemade bridge. For that brief moment I did have thoughts of finding gold in it. So disappointed.

sofalia 12

We almost walked into a family of kangaroos. The boomer wasn’t very impressed with us. If he meant to frighten me by standing up and showing me how big he was, it worked. As a child we lived in the country and our family has had several joeys as pets so I know you don’t mess with a big male.

It is a good thing for us that they didn’t stay around to introduce themselves. We hadn’t seen any kangaroos for a while so it was nice to see some even if they didn’t stay long.

The night before we left we had another incident. The door latch is made of plastic and is one of the first things that will break on a van. Adrian made quick repairs and started to research where we could buy a new one. I guess it was our time to break things.

sofalia a

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