Ettamogah Pub,

On our way to our next stop we couldn’t go past the Ettamogah Pub. Ettamogah is an Aboriginal word meaning “place for good drink.”   The pub started out as a cartoon that featured in the “Australasian Post” drawn by Ken Maynard (who never drank or smoked.) Ken’s first cartoons featured Ned and his horse, Neddy. Ned was a stockman with an overloaded horse. Ned and his Neddy soon slipped into being a background caricature and the Ettamogah Pub became the main focal point of the cartoons, after all what is more Australian that a pub.


The style of pub was developed into a chain across Australia. Sadly their hay days have long gone. I know several years ago we did have one in Perth and I have driven past it but I never ventured inside. I don’t know if it is open.


I wasn’t surprised to find what looks like a tree in the middle of the main bar as the tree appears in the cartoons.

The walls of the pub are covered in the cartoons. The cartoons are uniquely Australian and reflect on our humour. I will admit I spent most of our visit giggling as I read the captions.

It is good to know we can laugh at ourselves

Yep they are right about the view.


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