We stopped at a bush camp just out of Tocumwal. It was a bit of a rough road in but we parked up only meters from the water. We had been told the Murray River had some lovely beaches and this was one of those spots. For the first time in ages we had to share our spot with other people but we didn’t mind. We went for a walk and when we came back to the van we talked about putting the canoe in. We fluffed around a bit then Adrian wandered off and started talking to some men who were fishing and the canoe stayed where it was. There is always tomorrow.


It was a lovely night a little overcast, but still nice. We sat outside and enjoyed the evening.

tocumwal 1

Leaving the canoe on the car ended up being a good thing as at 6am the next morning Adrian woke me to tell me it was raining. That meant we had to make a decision. If the rain continued we could be stuck where we were for who knows how long or do we make the decision to get out now. We chose to get out now. We surprised ourselves as by 6.30 am we were on the road. What did it take to move so quickly? Clothes on, (no breakfast or even a cup of tea) and jump into the car. Some of the other people were packing up as we were leaving. With the size of our van we were happy we were the first to be on the track out. Who knows how it would hold up with the rain and the traffic? The last thing you want is for someone to get bogged and block the road.

tocumwal 2

It was a good idea as the rain continued on and off for most of the day. I think if we had of stay we would have been there for at least a week.



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