Emu Point

We used Junabel as a base to Emu Point and Yeppoon.

We had been told to have a look at the Anzac Memorial at Emu Point.   A sculpture of marching soldiers dominates a courtyard. The sculpture is based on Frank Hurley’s photo taken at the Western Front (near Hodge, Belgium.) The day was 5th October 1917 and the photo shows sixteen Australians from the 1st Anzac Division infantry troops. They were on their way to the front-line to relieve their comrades. (Frank Hurley was also an official photographer during WW11.) Continue reading “Emu Point”

Junabel Miniature Horse and Goat Farm Stay

The farm stay was just out of Yeppoon. We did have a little problem finding the place, as the farm wasn’t signposted. We drove past then had to find a place to turn round and headed back. Luckily we only went about 10k out of our way. Continue reading “Junabel Miniature Horse and Goat Farm Stay”

Kershaw Gardens, Rockhampton

We had been warned the bush camp would be busy and they weren’t wrong. It was my turn to drive and I pulled into the park to find it was packed. We left the car sitting in the middle of the park and got out to have a look around. The park wasn’t very big and we had to decide if it was better to back our way out of the park or if there was enough room to turn around. I didn’t like the idea of backing up, as it would be onto a busy roundabout. Adrian and I were talking when a man came up to us and told us where we could move our van to as one of vans was leaving and we could have that spot. I jumped into the car to move it out of the way and we didn’t have long to wait for the van to go. The man then gave me directions to back up and we were all set. To start with I thought the man giving me all the directions was the caretaker but he was just another vanner. I think he saw a female behind the wheel and decided I needed help.   Adrian thought it was funny, he reckoned it was the first time I did what I was told, ever. Continue reading “Kershaw Gardens, Rockhampton”

St Lawrence Campground

We didn’t stay long in Mackay and headed off to St Lawrence bush camp. The camp backs on to the St Lawrence wetlands. The information sign informed us there were over 55 waterbird species, (some of then uncommon) have been recorded on the wetlands with many of them breeding in the area in the wet season. The area is also a catchment housing a fish nursery. Continue reading “St Lawrence Campground”


Our next stop was going to be Mackay. On the way we encountered a wide load. It took up so much of the road it needed a police escort and on coming traffic had to stop and make room for it. We were stuck behind it for ages. It wasn’t a problem for us as we were both traveling at much the same speed but we would get people trying to pass us only then to be stuck. The escort would let people pass when it was clear to do so. We would be pushed down the line with people coming in front of us then we would make it to the front only to be pushed down the line again. We eventually got in front of it. Continue reading “Mackay”

Gunna Go Van Park and Airlie Beach

We almost changed our minds when we saw the van park. It looked old, run down and greatly needing some repairs. The idea was to stay here and head off to Airlie Beach tomorrow. Why not just take the van with us and spend the night at Airlie Beach? The price. Airlie Beach is a high tourist destination and the prices of the van parks reflect it. Since we would be coming back this way we though we would save money on Van Park and fuel by staying at Gunna Go after all it was only about 20k away. Continue reading “Gunna Go Van Park and Airlie Beach”