Japanese Gardens, Cowra

From the prison camp we drove to the Japanese gardens. Ken Nakajima was invited to Cowra to choose a site and to design the garden. When he saw the site he though he had been guided by divine providence.   He said ‘it must be a reward for the good deeds performed by the citizens of Cowra.” The gardens are set over 5 hectares. The Cowra gardens were Mr Nakajima’s favourite outside Japan and his ashes are buried it the grounds.

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Cowra POW Camp.

After the cemetery we decided it was enough sadness for one day and headed back to camp. Our first stop the next day was the Garrison Walk. (The military camp trained some 80,000 personnel.) We reach a cross road with a large tree. The information board told us we were at the start of Peppercorn Parade and the tree has seen it all. Continue reading “Cowra POW Camp.”

Farleigh Reserve, Cowra

We had planned to stop at the bush camp right in the main area off Cowra but when we saw the stop we changed out mind. It was a car park next to a bridge and while that wasn’t a problem it was Saturday and the car park was full. We had several options. Van park, wait round until everyone went home or continue driving. We decided to go to the information centre first the find out what to see and do before making up our mind. Continue reading “Farleigh Reserve, Cowra”

Ohkuma Gardens, Bathurst

Considering how old Bathurst is the gardens are rather new. They were set up in 1998 to celebrate Bathurst’s sister city Ohkuma. A garden designer from Ohkuma visited Bathurst to plan and work on the gardens.  Before opening them to the public a special Japanese ceremony to safeguard the garden was held. Continue reading “Ohkuma Gardens, Bathurst”

Abercrombie House, Bathurst

We had heard about Abercrombie House as we travelled. It was said to be a ‘must see.’ We arrived a little early and waited for the gates to open. It gave us a chance to read all the information boards set at the front of the driveway. Mr Morgan finally came to open up apologising and telling us it was his wife’s fault he was late as she made him vacuum the entire house before he could open the gates. We laughed. Continue reading “Abercrombie House, Bathurst”


The Bathurst showgrounds are quite small compared to others we have been in. Adrian went into the office to check in and was told we would be escorted to our spot. Adrian waited for the man and I drove into the camping area to wait out of the way. Our escort pointed out our spot telling Adrian ‘just to back her in.’ Adrian walked over to me and repeated the conversation. When our escort saw I was behind the wheel he changed his mind and moved us over one spot. ‘Just drive her up and around that way you can drive straight though.’ Ok I could have backed in just to show him I can handle the car and van but I though why make it hard for myself. Instead I smiled and drove up and around and though to our new spot. Continue reading “Bathurst”