We pulled into the Railway RV campgrounds where we had stayed before. We had been told it was busy and it was. When we pulled in there were two vans already waiting before us. We all had to wait until people left so we could take their spots. It wasn’t long only about half an hour. The spot we were given was a little bit small for us but we weren’t going to complain. We could have had a bigger spot but that would have been in the non-powered section.   With this spot we had to park the car next to the van making it impossible to have our awning out. It had been drizzling for most of the morning and it would have been nice to open the awning up to get some air flow through it. We had chosen a powered site, as with all the dark clouds we didn’t think we would be able to charge up our batteries. Continue reading “Ravenshoe”

Innot and Archer Creek Rest Stop

It started to drizzle as we left the farm. Not something you want when you are traveling on gravel roads. Our poor car was covered in dust when we arrived in Innot. Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we had arrived.   Good timing. Continue reading “Innot and Archer Creek Rest Stop”

Pinnarendi Station

We hadn’t long been on the road when we hit gravel. The dust started to swell up with each passing car. It was gravel with small sections of road interspersed. We had been on several roads like this in our travels. (One day the bitumen will all be joined up.) We were taking the back way to a station stay so the dust was part of the journey. Continue reading “Pinnarendi Station”

Richmond Town

After the museum we took a walk around the town. Just up from the museum is a replica of an original stone house. The original home, which was built in 1860, would have had a cane grass roof. Later when iron became available the roof would have been converted to iron. We took a quick look inside. The walls were covered with information and not much else. The house was very basic. Probably some bedrooms and a lounge. The cooking would have been done in a separate building or outside over an open fire. All water would have been carried from a nearby creek. At the time it was built it was probably a very modern home. Continue reading “Richmond Town”