When we left Port Augusta it was overcast. We almost changed our mind about leaving. If it was going to rain we might be stuck in the caravan until it cleared. I thought it would be better to be stuck in Port Augusta with phone and TV reception than to be stuck out someplace with none. Adrian assured me it wasn’t going to be so bad. A little bit of rain that was all. Continue reading “Quorn”

Port Augusta

Someone told us Port Augusta was large; it had both Coles and Woolworths. Being the town was so big we were pleased to find it still had a bush camp. It is set beside the river on the outskirts of the town. Ok it was a dusty site and the view wasn’t the best but for a donation of $7.00 a night to have a site so close to a large town with no restriction on time is a bonus.   Continue reading “Port Augusta”


Kimba bush camp was lovely. Like most bush camps if it is in a town it is near the sport grounds. The area was large and fenced by shrubs in flower. The campgrounds were almost full when we arrived. We did expect that as the town itself was very busy with vans coming and going constantly. What surprised us was the camp had hot showers. Continue reading “Kimba”

Farm Stay

It wasn’t a very quiet 2 weeks. With all the sight seeing and all, but the most excitement we had was when the dogs baled up a fox beside the house. There was nowhere the fox could go. Farmers have a problem with foxes; they kill the chickens and newborn lambs. We tried calling the farmer on the two-way but received no response. Continue reading “Farm Stay”