Boyup Brook

We drove through Boyup Brook on our way the Harvey Dickens.

Boyup Brook have some fascinating 3 dimensional statues scatted around the town. Trying to find the statues made it an interesting way to explore the town. The statues seem to follow you when you move. I liked the one at the fire station best. It looked almost real as we were walking towards it.


We stayed at the back of the sports oval. It was a nice area. There is two parts to the bush camp. One near the highway and the other out the back of the sports grounds for a longer stay. There are toilets and water. We stayed two nights. There are no real shops to speak of in Greenbushes. The local service station has a little grocery section to it but basically that Continue reading “Greenbushes”

Nannup, Blackwood River

We stayed two nights and then headed off to Nannup, with every electrical item we owned recharged, van batteries and water tanks were also full. Nannup is a quaint little town. It does have a history of flooding. Next to the river stands a marker tree with every flood level. The first year the bridge was built the flood came up over the bridge.

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Busselton is a well know holiday place for most WA. It has a jetty which is 1.8 k long and more than 150y old. We have done the holiday bit and walked the jetty to the end and under. Busselton has an underwater Observatory. You can stand there for hours watching the fish swim in and out of the pylon and still see something knew.

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Tuart Forrest

There are not many bush campgrounds close to the coast. We stopped on our way to Busselton at a picnic area in Tuart Forrest. It was a small area, just a small ring round some trees. It surprised us how busy it was. We arrived mid afternoon. There was a van there already and it looked like he had been there for a few days. After we had set up in the middle of the trees other vans and campers started to arrive. The last one arrived about 9pm and we ended up with about 30 groups. It was a nice little area and was the closest bush site to Busselton that we could find.  It would have been nice to take a walk though the Forrest but we were on a mission to get to Busselton.smal camp 2

Wellington Dam Collie

We had stayed at Wellington Dam before at a place called Honeymoon pool but that cost money. I think it was about $7 a night for the van. Not a lot but we decided to go round the back of the dam to a bush sites. Like a lot of bush campsite there isn’t a good map to be found. We put what information we know into Continue reading “Wellington Dam Collie”