Farm Stay

It wasn’t a very quiet 2 weeks. With all the sight seeing and all, but the most excitement we had was when the dogs baled up a fox beside the house. There was nowhere the fox could go. Farmers have a problem with foxes; they kill the chickens and newborn lambs. We tried calling the farmer on the two-way but received no response. Continue reading “Farm Stay”


On another day we drove into Elliston. We had driven though the town before but this time we stopped. We had lunch then drove around the coastal area of the town. Many years ago they placed some sculptures around the town and along the cliff. I wonted to see the big thongs as they were advertised in the tourist brochures but I was disappointed. Continue reading “Elliston”

Wundinna, Pildappa Rock.

We did get out and about as well it wasn’t all hard work.

We drove to Wundinna to look at the statue dedicated to the Australian Farmer. We had been told about it and had to agree with what we heard. It was remarkable with a lot of detail. The idea for the statue took a number of years to get funded and in the end a large amount was raised by the local business and people. Continue reading “Wundinna, Pildappa Rock.”